Our Students

Our Staff

Our staff work as part of a ministry team to assure that students learn, classes achieve and our school succeed. We team-up with parents and together we excel. Parents receive weekly reports of student progress and nine week report cards. Teachers are available to conference with parents upon request. Our classrooms are rich with resources to stimulate learning. Teachers present the lessons with enthusiasm, engage the students and monitor student performance to assure learning is taking place.


We utilize a stimulating Christian curriculum that includes visually interesting textbooks, visual aids and captivating lessons for students in Pre-K 3 to 6th. Our teachers teach well so that every child has the opportunity to succeed. The curriculum is guided by the word of God and breaks lessons into manageable steps. Chapters and units are followed by quizzes and test to measure student progress and to determine student needs. Every day begins with prayer and a Bible lesson to assist in developing character, a love for God and great relationships with people. Students are asked to comply with a list of 5 schoolwide rules on a daily basis so that the curriculum can be effectively implemented.

Standardized Tests

  • Students in grades 3-6 are given the Stanford 10 standardized Achievement Test in April of each year. The Stanford 10 is comprehensive in scope and measure academic knowledge of students. Our goal is to assure every student achieves to the best of his or her ability.
  • Students in k-2nd grades are given the Brigance Inventory of Basic skills to determine student level of performance.
  • VPK students are assessed 3 times a year using the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Assessment.

Free Tutoring
Physical Education
After School Program
Free Tutoring

Tutoring is offered to any student who is struggling in any subject. Students bring materials from their daily classroom work and receive individual help to enhance classroom performance. Tutoring takes place two days a week at a single cost of $25.00 to enroll.

Physical Education

All classes participate in Physical Education five days a week to encourage psycho-motor learning in a play and movement exploration environment to assist good health, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace and speed. Students enjoy games, sports, rhythmic activities and fitness training. Each year ends with a field day.


Students are served three nutritional, well-balanced meals during the day.



After School Program

The MCA Afterschool program is available to students enrolled in grades K-6th.  Our Pre-K program is already a full day program. After school students enjoy a snack, homework time, game time, outside time, crafts and personal time. After-school hours are from 2:30 to 5:30.


Parent participation is encouraged as we know when a home and a school work together student success is maximized. There are many ways to get involved. You can become a classroom helper, work with the Parent Teacher Fellowship, accompany students on field trips, help with homework, volunteer for career day, field days and so much more.


We invite you to come into the school to enroll your child which is the first step to getting to know you and understanding your child's needs. You will receive a guided tour of the school and the forms needed to enroll. Parents are invited to attend orientation and open house.


Mt. Calvary intentionally keeps tuition and fees low to assist parents in obtaining a quality education for their children. We accept Step up for Students Vouchers, a limited number of Florida school Choice scholarships, VPK and School Readiness Funds and Private payers.  Since fees are low, parents are encouraged to participate in school fundraisers.